Nigel Greenwood launched Simply Customer back in 2014 having spent years improving the customer experience for large corporates, increasing leads to sale conversions and customer retention. Nigel is very passionate about helping improving businesses procedures by building great customer experiences.


The strategy behind the new set of graphics visuals was to encompass Nigel's core service - customer journey mapping. We used the current logo and empowered it as a base of all the illustrations to truly reflect what the brand is all about.


We started by creating a basic set of marketing collaterals that could be used for Business presentations, Network Events, BNI’s, etc...With a fresh and engaging design, we ensure that all the marketing collaterals would be consistent across different medias. From digital to print, the brand experience would be the same.

Informative design and engaging layout, establish the brands flexibility that now can inspire meaningful business connections. We have produced Totem banners, a set of flyers and a digital PDF document that illustrates what is the brand all about and what it can do for its customers.


Nigel Greenwood

I turned to FDP because I was launching a new, unique product and needed expert help to create marketing material that: 1. Captured the attention of 2 key target markets, 2. Explained simply how the product benefited them, 3. Generated enquiries   As it’s the first product of its type, I needed to convey a lot of information in a few words, and was struggling to see how to do this. Lisa and Alan from FDP arranged a 2-hour meeting at no cost to me. They took the time to make sure they knew who the target markets were, how the tool benefited them, made suggestions and asked me lots of questions (some of them challenging!) to make sure I was really clear about what I needed and how I would use it.   After that, it was an easy process for me – Alan sent me drafts of the recommended material, I suggested minor tweaks and always had a fast, positive response. Within a few days, I had signed off on a new suite of marketing material. My next product is in development, and I’m already scheduling in a return visit to FDP – put the kettle on guys!

Nigel Greenwood

Managing Director

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