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NHS England Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

We had the honour to assist in launching NHS England's 'Workforce Race Equality Standard' by creating the report and an explainer animation, which was launched across the entire, national, NHS care provider network.


Since it's inception in 1948 Black and Minority Ethnic people have been working in the NHS, yet the report uncovers overwhelming evidence the BME staff experience more discrimination and receive less favourable treatment than their white counterparts.

The 'Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)' has been created as a national standard for NHS Trusts around the country to redress this imbalance and ensure everyone who comes into contact with the NHS (including staff) receives 'fairness and equality'.


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I have learned a lot, not least about myself and my ability to contain my stress levels (or not) it has been an incredibly challenging time, as well as having to prepare for the WRES and NHS confederation conferences.

You have been fantastic to work with and have helped and supported me more than you know, looking forward to the next project when we can work together again!"

Yvonne Coghill OBE - WRES Director, NHS England.

The Report

Based on years of research from the NHS England WRES team, the aim of the report was to detail findings from NHS Trusts across the country, on the treatment and experiences of its black and minority ethnic workforce and introduce the new standard for Trusts to conform to.

The report uncovers extreme imbalances and less preferential treatment of these individuals which leads to an unhappy workforce and compromised healthcare.

We were tasked to create the physical report document to be passed to all senior NHS leaders across the country and the national press.

The FDP Group designed and printed the WRES brochures

Explainer Animation

To follow the report, we created an explainer animation for Trust's around the country to use as a tool to introduce the new standard to their workforce. It details what they need to do to identify inequality within their workforce, how they can address the issues and crucially how they can solve them.

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