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NHS England Equality Animation

The NHS recognises that everyone has the right to access all services despite age, race, gender and ability. Without limitation, restriction or discrimination - ensuring patients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. This conforms to the values that are enshrined in the NHS constitution and underpin everything the NHS do.

Equality Delivery System

NHS England have created the 'EDS2 toolkit' to help NHS organisations to improve equality performance for all patients, and to bring about workplaces that are free from discrimination.

To Create an engaging animation for the NHS focused around ‘bringing to life’ the steps for implementing the EDS2 strategy for healthcare providers nation wide, how to do this effectively, simply and the benefits for doing so. 

NHS EDS2 animation slides


Goals and outcomes

Our work is created with an aim to provide effective and impactful results that are not only measurable but also have a direct and positive impact on patient care.

We created an animation to not only demonstrate how simply and effectively EDS2 can be implemented and measured, but it also reinforce the goals and outcomes of the Equality Delivery System.

Compelling and Engaging

Working closely with NHS England we put together the most effective information including the goals and 9 steps for implementation. To deliver maximum engagement, we created a script and voiceover that addresses the viewer in a personal and intimate way – Talking to them on a one to one level.  

EDS2 and its purpose is promoted in a simple, manageable and effective way that is compelling and engaging. The welcoming animation informs all stakeholders around the key elements of EDS2 and reinforces the values of the NHS constitution.

"Complete customer satisfaction and creativity is what you get with Definitive Creative. We commissioned the production of a short animation video, and received a fantastic personalised service with attention to detail at every stage of process, from inception to receiving the final product. Thank you for such a professional service."

Dr Habib Naqvi - Equality Lead, NHS England

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