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Mercedes-Benz Northside Truck and Van

Digital Strategy

Profile have recently re designed and developed the new Mercedes-Benz Northside Van and Truck website.  With the main goals of generating more qualified traffic, improving visitor engagement and in-turn increasing conversions, we had to firstly ensure that no current website traffic was lost with the new launch. To ensure no traffic was lost, all initial research was undertaken which included a 301 redirect and current link analysis. We re developed the website to be more engaging for the visitor so that they can easily find and configure each of the Citan and Vito vans.

Profile Web developed the new van builder for Mercedes Northside Truck & Van

The new website allows the user to fully configure and export all Citan and Vito vans

Analytics and Improvement

Since the first day of launch the new website statistics have shown a huge improvement. Every overview statistic has a positive increase. Two mainKey Performance Indicators (KPIs)for the new website development was to improve the engagement with visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

The  Average Visit Duration has increased by over 30%, which is an average additional time of 50 seconds the Bounce rate* has also reduced by 13.51%.  Profile regularly review the website statistics, rankings and conversions. *Bounce rate is the percentage of visits in which users view only a single page of your site.

Since the launch of the new website numerous statistics have increased

Northside's statistics have all massively improved after the new website launch.  30 day period, pre and post launch statistics can be seen above.

Responsive Design and Build

With over 25% of Northside's visitors viewing the website on a mobile device, (over 2.5k on iPhones) it was vital to ensure that every visitor, no matter the device received the same user experience.

Responsive rebuild of Mercedes Benz Northside Truck & Van

The website works seamlessly across all mobile devices


"Although Northside understood what we wanted to achieve from a new website, it wasn’t until meeting with Profile that we truly understood the capabilities and opportunities which we could gain from a well developed digital strategy. Since day one FDP have sought to grow our relationship through continued Commitment, Development and “Tweaks” always delivering more then we expect. The greatest asset to FDP Group and Profile is their ability to understand your unexpressed needs."

Tom Ward - Group Marketing Manager

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