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Lhasa Worked Example Animations

Continuing our close partnership with Lhasa Limited, we were challenged to create a series of explainer animations to promote how easy it is to use their toxicology prediction software and also comply with strict industry regulations.

Understanding the complex process of toxicity prediction software was key in creating this set of engaging and informative animations for Lhasa. Over the last 8 years we have gained valuable insight in to the world of toxicity prediction and in-silico simulation by learning and understanding alongside Lhasa and their marketing team.

We have continued to evolve the Lhasa brand and sub brands to accessible and user friendly products. Lhasa are now widely recognised for developing award winning, simple usability and production workflow software, whilst ensuring complete industry compliance. Their products are the industry standard for healthcare, research and teaching industries.

Lhasa Worked Example Animation

Having created a series of unique, iconic graphics for Lhasa's software, our vision was to bring them to life through moving graphics and to tell the story of how easy it is to conduct research with Lhasa's software. Each product has a unique house style and its analyitical prediction process is identified through its own colourway.

Each animation is based on a script driven timeline, telling the story of how chemical structures are analysed against a set of specific criteria, the type of alert the software fires and how results are queried against a knowledge database.


"Over the last 8 years we have developed a close relationship with the FDP Group. This has enabled a mutual understanding to complete complex briefs as a team and the sharing of learning between us.  Definitive's (part of the FDP Group) unique knowledge of our brand and products has ensured a high level approach to our product explainer videos. This series of animations will be extremely useful to our industry and are a valuable tool for promoting the benefits and functionality of our software to new and current partners."

Liz Hardy - Marketing and Communications

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