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Having worked closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for the last five years on their corporate communications and branding, FDP Group were perfectly positioned to support the Trust with their digital strategy and new website.

After an in-depth usability and analytical website review it was clear that the LTHT website had several areas that needed to be improved.  The main focus with the redevelopment was the need to keep the current website search visibility and Google rankings with over 75,000 sessions per month coming from organic traffic.  The website also had over 5,500 unique pages which needed to be restructured with a more user friendly navigation and site structure to allow the vast service and patient information to be accessed with ease on any device.  Throughout the project over 20 key stakeholders from LTHT were involved with the project from the communications team, Clinical Directors to the Trust Board and Chief Executive Julian Hartley. Along with our hand-picked studio team at FDP we guided LTHT from research, strategy, design, build to website testing and launch.

LTHT NHS Branded


Post launch Profile have been supporting LTHT and the Trust communications team with their digital strategy, content editing and training support.  Profile have been working in partnership with the informatics department at the Trust to plan and deliver Content Management System (CMS) training to over 30 key clinical service content editors.  The training courses continue to be successful throughout the trust with over 20 active CMS users within 3 weeks of the website launch.  The site continues to develop and plans are already in place for major website integrations from internal trust systems to further enhance the integrated patient support already provided by the Trust.


With over 50% of users viewing the website on a mobile device, (over 22k on iPhones) it was vital to ensure that every visitor, no matter what device received the same user experience.

LTHT Mobile v2


“The team at the FDP Group proved to be a really valuable asset to the project. From the outset they helped us take a strategic view with their analysis of our user profiles and behaviours. The project is now helping us to build systems for information assurance inside our organisation  as well as improving the quality and accessibility of our information for users.  FDP’s team responded positively to our questions and suggestions and they continue to be supportive as we use the changes we have already made to influence far-reaching changes in the way we interact with people through our website.”

Ross Langford | Head of Communications | Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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