Cafe 2U is the worlds largest mobile coffee franchise providing opportunity and support for entrepreneurs who deliver fresh expresso coffee and great food on the back of an amazing Van! Brilliant. Established in Sydney, Australia you can now find Cafe 2U in 4 continents. We have started working with the Marketing Team responsible for the UK and Ireland.


The first thing was to diagnose the problem within the marketing collaterals. They have lacked a modern and appealing style but also a lack of consistency on different media. Our approach was to really lock down a style that would reflect the brands identity but also trigger empathy with their loyal customers. 

The Campaign

The Green Month for Cafe2U was composed for print and digital assets. We create a general informational poster, followed by three content-specific range of posters.

The overall design element was based on organic lines to communicate the social responsibility of the brand's core value. In the UK alone, we use 2.5 Billion cups every year but only 1% is recycled. The campaign messaging was created to educate the targeted audience on the materials that Cafe2U use.

General Information Poster

Cafe2U is committed to the positive protection of the environment – meeting the needs of the present whilst thinking about our impact on the future.

During 'Green Coffee Month' we want to highlight the changes that we have made already, whilst continually striving to implement new ways we can be more considerate to our planet.

Coffee Grounds Recycling

Did you know you can recycle used coffee grounds? Recycling waste coffee grounds also benefits the environment by diverting this waste from other means of disposal – typically landfill, anaerobic digestion, or incineration. Recycling coffee also helps reduce greenhouse gases and gives your latte a useful second life!

Green Coffee Month Specials

For this campaign, special drinks were created to commemorate our social responsibility with the environment. The Special drinks were ‘Ultimate Mint Hot Chocolate’ and ‘Ultimate Mint Mocha’ with green sparkles! Absolutely delicious!

Bring Your Reusable Cup

Bring your reusable cup to work this week to help Cafe2U in raising awareness around reducing the use of plastic.

Every coffee bought with any reusable cup will result in 10p of the sale being donated to Hubbub Foundation UK.

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