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Insight and Analytics

Our Insight and Analytics services allow us to ensure that your website campaign is not only targeting the right audience and traffic to your website but that the traffic generated is actually having a positive impact on your business.

Google Analytics and MOZ

Using Google Analytics and MOZ (online analytics package) among others, we use the vast amount of data gathered by Search Engines and your website to gain insight into your visitor's behaviour and provide recommendations to test and then improve your website. We then measure the Key Performance Indicator (KPI's) and goals set out from these improvements in conversions and how visitors are responding to the changes. The number of enquiry form conversions or how many times a PDF has been downloaded are just two examples of KPI's.

Visitorflow Chart

Visitor Flow Analysis allows you to visualise a visitors journey through your site and helps you identify high drop off points

Identifying missed opportunities

We also monitor the keyword traffic targeted and achieved through ourSearch Engine Optimisation(SEO) service, track the visitor's path through the website, and to the end conversion. We are able to report on the most valuable keyword and traffic source to the website which will enable us to provide further on and offline marketing advice.

Webmaster Tools Search Queries2

Google Webmaster Tools allows us to identify missed traffic, by comparing impressions with click through rates (CTR)

Through our Insight and Analytics services you will see your website constantly evolve, improve and in turn convert more visitors through either sales or enquires.

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