Women Who Shaped The Creative Industry


In celebration of International Women’s Day and the subsequent week of women, we have been thinking in the studio about women who inspired us and influenced us to be where we are today. In an industry dominated by men it’s important we highlight the incredible work women have done, not only during International Women’s Week, but all year round.

We have compiled a list of inspirational women in the creative industry, so read on to find out who we have chosen and why.

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Kate Moross

This inspiring woman was the person who made one of our designers realise that doing Graphic Design and illustration together was possible, despite being told otherwise throughout her life. Kate Moross has always been open and honest about her work and the struggles woman face in the design industry but it hasn’t stopped her being incredible and inspiring women throughout the world. Her colourful, playful aesthetic never fails to brighten our day.

Frida Kahlo Image

Frida Kahlo

We couldn’t not mention this hugely famous artist. She has made an impact on not only art in Mexico, but worldwide. For one of our designers who lived in Mexico, Frida Kahlo has had an extremely big influence and inspiration in her life. She says that living in Mexico changed her life, she became inspired by the country and the culture, and particularly one of their most influential and greatest artists, Frida Kahlo. Frida has influenced and inspired many to follow in their love of art. Frida, herself, was influenced by Mexican culture. She was a strong woman who overcame a lot in her life and chose to channel her pain into art. Her strength and determination to stand up for what she believed in has inspired many to do the same.

Annie Atkins Image

Annie Atkins

This wonderful woman is relatively new to the design industry, but she really is making waves. Not only is she one of the few people that show what graphic design in film is like, but she’s also a strong female. This is an area of design that not many people know about, but it’s such an important and integral part of films. Annie Atkins has worked on huge blockbusters, probably most noticeably the Grand Budapest Hotel, and she brings everyone along with her journey. She also runs workshops to encourage other people to pursue this line of design.

Jessica Walsh Image

Jessica Walsh

Until recently, Jessica Walsh was a partner with Stefan Sagmeister at ‘Sagmeister & Walsh’, but she is now running her own studio just called ‘&Walsh’ which is already incredibly successful. Alongside that she does her own work, and it’s bold, edgy and just cool. Jessica Walsh is an advocate for women’s rights and she is always open and talks about how she wants to fix the gender imbalance in design. She is one of the first designers that inspired one of our designers to go into this industry, and that women can be successful Graphic Designers too.

Paula Scher Image

Paula Scher

We really can’t have a list like this and not mention possibly the most famous female Graphic Designer to date. Paula Scher. She shows girls everywhere that you can be a woman but also be a boss and be influential. She revolutionised the Graphic Design industry with her bold and brash designs, something that was so out of the box at the time, and has inspired many women to follow a path in design. In an interview she said that she was told she had no talent by her art teacher, but she stuck at the course anyway. And now look at her! Truly an inspiration to all budding designers.

Margaret Hamilton Image

Margaret Hamilton

Last but not least we have software engineer Margaret Hamilton. Did you know she was the lead developer for the Apollo, and she coined the term 'software engineering'. She is one of the people who sent mankind to the moon. Incredible and so inspiring to our developers here at FDP.

Do you agree with our picks? Have anybody that you think we should know about? Let us know.