The Productive Operating Theatre (Tpot) Branding

This month marks the launch of the Productive Operating Theatre (TPOT) programme at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

TPOT strives to add value and improve efficiency in the operating theatre by increasing the safety and reliability of care, and improving team performance and staff well-being. An identity was required to efficiently relay the new staff focused programme to the operating team.

The programme will respect the staff’s experience and knowledge, and offers the chance for these professionals to change and take ownership of the theatre they work in. The TPOT programme's vision is for the Theatre and Anaesthesia team to ‘direct their theatre's performance’.

TPOT Logo4

'The Productive Operating Theatre' (TPOT) logo

We used the analogy of playhouse theatres to showcase the idea of staff control in a memorable and fluid way. “The TPOT logo’s curved lines represent adaptability and evolution. The pattern also hints at a fingerprint, representing the staff’s opportunity to take ownership of their theatres through TPOT.” explains Aram Arratoonian, the project designer.

In July Definitive had the chance to attend the Leeds Teaching Hospital’s ‘Theatre’s and Anaesthesia Clinical Support Unit’ for their Productive Operating Theatre visioning day. The event engaged and empower theatre staff to create the perfect theatre performance, and ultimately improve patient experience and outcomes. James Russell, Creative Director of Definitive said: “It’s been fantastic to see so many people so passionate about their roles and engaged with making positive change in their teams.”

TPOT Presentation3 v2

At the Leeds Teaching Hospital's 'Theatre and Anaesthesia Clinical Support Unit' event.

Suzanne Abrahams, General Manager of Theatre & Anaesthesia, added, “We had been struggling for some-time in trying to develop branding that reflected what the Clinical Support Unit of Theatres & Anaesthesia represented. One meeting with James from Definitive and we had the branding, which everyone within the CSU was delighted with, finalised within 10 days. Definitive could not have been more helpful and supportive in guiding us through this process and were a pleasure to work with throughout. Highly recommended!”