The Nhs Brand Identity Has Changed

LTHT NHS Branded main


The new online modernised guidelines are now in tune with the digital age including guides for apps and social media. 

Your brand is how the public perceive you. It is critical to be aware of your brand experience, have you planned for this brand identity development?

Below we have outlined 5 reasons to update your branding to this new criteria.

1. To ensure your branding and marketing collateral is in line with the new guidelines and in turn you will be seen as an NHS organisation.

2. The NHS identity consistency reassures the public and patients that they can trust and rely on the quality of healthcare being provided. Your patients want the assurance that they can get the help they need.

3. Promote recognition.

4. The public need to know what to expect.

5. The NHS brand represents your promise to the public.

branding social2Your brand goes beyond a logo. Have a think about all your communication collateral, emails, website, social media, your imagery, the colours used, fonts and strap lines. 

We have long-standing design, digital and brand relationships with the NHS and can provide you with expert advice to make sure your websites, intranet, communication collateral, exhibition stands, print and can assure all design requirements going forward are inline with this new criteria. The NHS is understood to be a marker of quality healthcare, and this is felt to be reassuring. It is accessible; it is free, and will not turn anyone away. 

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