The Carbon Capture Programme

We've been hearing about climate change for a long time but 2019 was monumental in hugely increasing awareness surrounding it, thanks to the brilliant Greta Thunberg and her "Climate Strike" movement leading the news, week after week. Now in 2020, there has to be a social, conscious and drastic change to accept this is a year for climate action.

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At FDP, we work with many different businesses and we have seen an increase in the amount of people and businesses who care about the environment and climate change. So many businesses want to help and show they care about these important issues, but find it extremely difficult to do so. As a print company, we appreciate your struggle.

How do we become a greener company when a large part of our job and industry is to print… on paper?

Little over a year ago we became involved in the Carbon Capture Programme and since then, they've planted over 400 square metres, four times the size of our offices (which is also equal to 1 and a half tennis courts!) of new native woodland in the UK on our behalf! That's only possible thanks to every company and person that continues to do business with us. 

So, what is 'The Carbon Capture Programme?

The Carbon Capture Programme was set up through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme and means that for every tonne of paper purchased, £8.50's worth of woodland is planted, right here in the UK. This allows the harmful gases created by many everyday business activities to be removed in an effective, simple and natural way. In addition to this, all of FDP's work is now printed on Carbon Captured paper from Premier Paper. All of this means that the more business that is done with us, the better the outcome for the environment! We aren't bragging, we swear! These are just facts.

How can you get involved?

By using Carbon Captured paper and by working with FDP under the Carbon Capture Programme you can have the Woodland Trust logo on your printed products to show your commitment to becoming greener as part of your long-term world-saving superhero strategy.
Do you like where we are going? Do you want to join us? Would you like to plant more trees? Are you curious about carbon capture paper? Contact us and ask for the logo to be printed on your products to show you're joining us in the fight to save the planet!