Quick fire questions with Richard Parker!

meet team richard 1

Richard Parker, Pre-Press Graphic Designer, 

1. Tea or coffee?


2. What is your favourite part of the job?


3. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


4. If you had a different position what would you be doing?

Vegan Human Resources

5. What is your favourite TV show?

American Horror

6. Choose 3 words to describe yourself?

Compassionate, Funny, Moody

7. Are you a cat or dog person?

I'm not into speciesism

8. What was your childhood nickname and do you have a nickname at FDP?


9. What was your first job?

Paper Boy

10. What's your most used emoji?


11. Marvel or DC? And if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Marvel. Turn everybody vegan with my green vegan eyes