Creative campaigns we loved in 2019

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2019… How do we sum it up? It’s been quite the year. There have been many iconic moments from the introduction of the Greggs vegan sausage roll to a picture of an egg gaining the most social media interactions ever to the now infamous Fyre Festival documentary. Additionally the campaigns this year have been so unique.. take the Cadbury’s ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign for example. However… not all campaigns went according to plan. (Think Tesla’s catastrophic screen test fail) But 2019 has not just been all about the funny things, it’s also been big on climate change, Brexit, the future and tech.

Among all of these moments, here at FDP we have rounded up our favourite campaign moments of 2019. These include puns, a cute dog and local British stereotypes from Glasgow down to London, so read on to find out more!

1. Churchill Rebrand

Churc Chill StillFirst up, Churchill, one of the best examples of how you can relaunch your brand with a fresh and relevant feel to help stand out. They invite you to ‘Chur-chill’ while watching ‘Churchie’ ride a skateboard down a street. How can you not sit there and smile while one of the nation’s favourite dog zooms past your screen? Watch the advert here.

2. SpotifySpotify UB40

Next up is Spotify, who’s campaigns are always brilliant and are always sure to create a stir online. We specifically want to mention their quirky 80’s/90’s based ads that launched in September this year. Their aim was to remind the people who read it that while life changes, classic songs will remain the same. They do a great job of making you feel nostalgic whilst also ensuring you let out a laugh. I mean ‘You’ll be 40? Ingenious.

HSBC Together we Thrive

Leeds HSBC Poster

Britain's biggest bank, HSBC launched 'Together We Thrive' ahead of Britain's departure from the EU. Featuring the hilarious Richard Ayoade reminding us that we are part of something bigger. You may have seen the posters in your city connecting us to the bigger picture. We absolutely love the style and the message here at FDP, it’s comedic yet also makes us all very patriotic towards our own individual cities.

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea Still

When we first set eyes on the new Yorkshire Tea advert, we could not wipe the smile off our face. Honestly, what could sum up a right good cuppa than Sean Bean. The advert was a staff induction with inspiration drawn from his most famous roles; we’ll let you decide which ones are in there! There’s not much more to say about this, just give it a watch, it will not disappoint!  Watch the advert here.

Mudita Pure

Phone Image

After Marie Kondo and living a minimalist life became a big trend this year, the launch of Mudita Pure - Minimalist Phone couldn’t have come at a better time. 2019s stab at Minimalism - a phone with few functions besides calls and texts was so refreshing and cool to us. Not only is the design extremely sleek, but it really does a great job of bringing you right back to the 90s; enjoying no distractions. It’s not something any of us in the office think we could cope with, but isn’t that food for thought?

National Geographic

Nat Geo Archie

When National Geographic commissioned street artist ‘Tin Man’ to create something for them, the result was so much more powerful than anyone could ever have imagined. It’s a huge ‘missing lion’ poster, affectionately named Archie, but it has a not so happy purpose. It’s designed so that every time someone walks over it, the image fades a little bit, to highlight how fast lions are disappearing from the earth. It’s such a powerful and unique campaign that deserves so much recognition.

Do you agree with our picks? Have you got any to include that we think we’ve missed? Let us know!