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We believe that 'Branding' is the clear definition of the personality for a product, service, organisation or individual. Many individuals think ‘designing a logo’ is a branding process, but in fact a well designed logo is a voice that expresses the company vision and values for a venture in the same way that a flag may represent a country.


A well structured brand personality can be seen in everything from the moment you experience an organisation to the actual product or service a company may be offering.



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Another misunderstanding about a brand is that it should reflect a certain type of quality; and that may be true in a brand that’s about quality (think of Aston Martin which communicates the idea of luxury) but on the other hand if a ‘Poundland’ store has a well designed logo that may work against the goals of their brand as they may portray a conception of being overpriced – it’s all about correct positioning.

Like an artist finding their style, the goal of a branding process should be to always frame in a concise way what makes you or your business unique; only then can you apply that message to everything you communicate.



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