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Off Beat Brewery   Off Beat Brewery is a craft brewery based in Crewe, Cheshire, producing an awesome range of beers packed with flavour to tantalise the taste buds. The twist - they are all brewed by a "chick".


With a variety of different ales packing a number of different flavours, Off Beat came to Definitive looking for a brand which would make them stand out from the crowd. With a name like "Off Beat" they were looking for an identity that reflected the same ideas about their ales - individual, diverse - a far cry from the usual designs associated with fine ales.

They were eager to take the "old man's pint" and bring it bang up to date, and were happy to promote their unique selling point "brewed by a chick".


With research into the market of ales and brewing, we set about establishing a style and a strong identity to carry the brand to the target audience - its punters. Bearing in mind the brand would have to fight off other competitors which would also line the cask pumps, the design would have to be distinct and eye-catching.

With the company logo in place, the designs for the products soon followed, and when lined-up along the cask pumps, the brand presented a united front. Off Beat is undoubtedly difficult to miss.


A complete new identity consisting of strong unmissable visuals, with a younger feel and a modern twist, all help to draw in a different type of client to experience the ales.

We now provide Off Beat with ongoing support, with designs for new ales and other marketing literature, and look forward to developing the brand further and helping them to grow and spread across the country.